Northwest Alabama Cancer Center, P.C. (NWACC) has been committed to the principle that dedicated and skilled physicians and their diversified team of professionals can provide the best comprehensive care only when their expertise is combined with the timeless human element of compassion.

We recommend bring a family member or close friend with you to better understand your condition and treatment options.

What to Bring

• Photo ID
• All your medications, including the over the counter meds
• Insurance Cards
• Completed forms you downloaded, printed and filled out from this web site
• List of any questions you may have
• Understand your insurance benefits and come prepared to pay your insurance
  co-pay and/or deductible.

First Visit

• Sign in with receptionist and review completed forms

• Someone from the business office will review your policy and discuss any
  financial questions.  Prior Authorizations are sometimes required depending
  on the insurance coverage.

• Brought to the lab where vital signs and lab work will be performed.

• Once lab work is resulted you will be seen by the doctor/NP and treatment
   options will be outlined.

• You will then be scheduled for additional testing if required and/or appointment
   to start treatment.

What  to Expect

Meet Your  Staff

Christy, Receptionist

Daphne, Receptionist

First Day of Treatment

• Sign In

• Will be brought back to the lab for blood work, vital signs, and IV/Port access.

• Then to an Exam Room to see Doctor/NP and review treatment plan in detail,
  physical assessment, and answer any questions.  They will review the possible
  side effects of your therapy and measures to be taken to prevent or ease those
  side effects.

• Then to the infusion room where a nurse will again review the treatment
  plan and side effects prior to starting the treatment.  Treatment infusion times
  vary depending on the drugs given.  During your infusion we have lab top
  tablets that you may watch movies or information you may read to learn more
  about your diagnosis. These tablets are updated daily and are loaded with
  information about all cancer types, side effects and personal tips while
  undergoing treatment.

• Once completed the infusion nurse will give you information about when
  to return to the clinic.

After Business Hours

You are encouraged to ask questions during your office visit; however if you should have a question or problem arise after hours we have a doctor on call 24-7.  When calling the office number you will get the answering service who will contact our doctor and he will return your call promptly.  For emergencies go to your nearest ER.

Doctor Rotation Schedule

Our doctors rotate between the offices in an effort to meet and get to know all of
our patients.

Maxine, Infusion Nurse

Lameka, RN & Amy, RN

Vicki, Infusion Nurse

Jamie, Infusion Nurse

Kayla, RN & Samantha, Patient Tech